Aspects of Yu Yanji
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Yu Yanji aspects reflect the forces of spirit and their inter actions with nature. The main cosmic aspects are represented by the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars. These picture eternal energies that have an effect on your physical and spiritual state. Things from the past, influences that are coming into the present and energies forming for the future.

The 4 inner aspects represent your self. Your personal Spiritual path, your Mental directions, your Emotional motivations and your physical reality. They indicate issues that can only be intimately known by you. This is how you are at the moment and what you face. Read further in next section.

The 5 outer aspects represent your worldly environment. The influences acting upon you from outside yourself. The Sky above, mother Earth below, the Water of life and social communion, the Animal nature of instincts and those you meet around you. Time as marker bouy, high lighting the days within the month and the months within the year.

If you feel your question is about another person or situation outside yourself then choose one of the outer aspects to enter the wheel. If you feel the issue is intimate to yourself and your influence on others, choose one of the inner aspects to enter the Wheel. If you want to stand back from your world and see it from afar, choose the cosmic aspects to enter the Wheel.

The Yu Yanji aspects come from nature. They use the natural rythmns, cycles and energies to describe your situation.

This is not to stand aloof, rather to give you some common tools that can be understood by all. They are drawn from our common knowledge, the things we all can share. The parts of being alive that span the centuries.
We all know how it feels when it rains. When the sun warms our bodies or the breeze cools our face, we have all felt it's bliss. We know to be wary when a storm is brewing and when to protect ourselves. We are aware of what is possible and what cannot be changed. We live with natures pace and harmonize our world to accord within its grace.

Unlike our own perceptions, Yu Yanji does not distinguish between good and bad. All aspects contain energy, it is up to us how we use it. To Yu Yangi, rain is the birth of something new, fertility in its essence. A storm is just a natural release of energy clearing the way for change. Even a flood can be seen as great abundance. All things make way for nature so that all things may prosper from it's gifts. What is disaster to one life form is is nothing more than survival for another.
Yu Yanji sees the human as a caretaker for all other elements on earth. The one whose actions come from the spirit world for the benefit of all. Of spirit and of nature, the divine contradiction. Yu Yanji knows how hard this battle can be and searches for a way to help its dearest friend. When you visit with Yu Yanji, you visit with your spirit friends.

To Yu Yanji all things have spirit, the advanced soul will know that even the energy of a rock or a blade of grass is part of a greater self. All things have their value and each to their own. The earth supports us and gives us strength, the water surrounds and feeds us, it powers our emotions and communication. The air envelopes us and lifts us higher, fostering our imagination, insight and perceptions. The amimals are our friends who give us joy, character and form. Time is our healer, the one that takes us forward.

See the aspects as part of your own life. The sources of energy acting on your life, the seeds for further thought. Look to the things that give you energy in your life. What are the things that give you energy rather than take it away. This is where you will find Yu Yanji. These are your signposts, these are things that will lead you to your life goals.

There is no judgement in Yu Yanji, we are all on learning curve. Use the tools we have all been given from nature to hold a mirror to your soul. Yu Yanji's work is started after the question and completed before the answer.

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