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YuYanji Says...

As you enter the wheel, you bring yourself and the world around you. yuYanji is just the bridge between the two. The answers are already waiting to be found. Maybe only one or two phrases will make sense, this is all you need to find the answer inside.

You may be surprised by what I say. How could I know what is facing you inside? How could I not? Yu Yanji is your friend from nature, from spirit, the sky, the earth, the sea and air. Yu Yanji knows the time between your question and its goal.

Yu Yanji offers a chance to see past the veils hiding you from the answers inside. Yu Yanji does not predict your future, it gives you a map for your inner eyes to chart a course.

Who or what is the Yu Yanji?

The answer is simple, friend!

Yu Yanji is YOU!

Hold a question in your mind, then Click anywhere on the wheel above to enter the YuYanji Wheel. When the new wheel has loaded you can click on any of the Elements to view your reading. spacer
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