Origins of Yu Yanji
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The origins of Yu Yanji are shrouded in mystery. It's true to say that Yu Yanji comes from our ancient past and many would say it also comes from our future, like the shadow of a bird as it flies past some future sun. There are even some who say it has never existed at all, that its presence is but a ripple that echoes through the spaces in between this time, the time before and another still to form.

Another view is that Yu Yanji has always existed and that we are just the fragmented expressions of it's eternal presence, like ribbons floating in the breeze or prayer wheels spinning to it's tune.

Yu Yanji crosses very many cultures and beliefs, it's connection is through our inner senses and is said to activate the growth of our extra sensory perceptions. Charmans and indigenous cultures have used the principles of its energy in their own psychic studies. Some of these are manifest in the many other divining methods used around the globe.

Yu Yanji works on a different level It does not tell your fortune, it maps the elements surrounding your question and throws them back to you. It suggests intuitive impressions surrounding your world and waits for you to find it's meaning in your life.

The name suggests a Chinese or Asian origin and it's use can be seen in cultures that have been influenced by Asian immigrants all over the world. This is particularly true during the Gold Rush days in California, South America and Australia. However, Yu Yanji is still a mystery. Whenever we try to define it, it simply flees into a mist of contradictions.
It is hard to define where Yu Yanji came from, or even what it is! Other than to say, it is a natural means of connecting you to your own elemental forces, and the use of it's principles are common to many cultures.

A similar system has been seen in Scandinavian countries, used mainly by wise women in a similar way to the Runes. It is also said that some American indian tribes used a similar method long before European encroachment and that they learn't about it from medicine men who travelled north from Peru and southern Mexico. Another story suggests a connection to Mongolia and the Himalayas around the time of the origins of Buddhism. Indeed, the throwing of the sticks in IChing and the random cut of cards in Tarot are examples of the use of Yu Yanji.
One of the most mysterious contradictions that can be traced, is to it's name. Even though Yu Yanji sounds most similar to an east Asian language, there is no direct translation. However, an ancient indigenous version using stones, sticks and feathers was first heard of in Australia at the time of the gold rush in the 1800's.

In the southern lands of Australia, there is a small city called Geelong (Jilong). Nearby, are the remains of an ancient volcanic mountain. It looks out over rolling hills on one side and vast plains leading to a large bay on the other. Geologists say an ancient massive explosion of the granite mountain formed most of the highly fertile landscape, rich in gold deposits and precious stones.

The local tribe known as Yawangi held it to be sacred and the mountain was used in initiations and divinations by the elders. It was also used for trading, meetings and ceremonies between many different groups from the Wathaurong tribes. This may not be too curious on it's own except that the name given to the mountain was Wurdi Youange still used today as (mount) 'You Yang'. When pronounced correctly... 'Oo Youange'... Surely, too similar to be discounted.

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