How to Use the Yu Yanji
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Using the Yu Yanji is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The aim of any Yu Janji reading is to high light aspects of your self and the influences surrounding you.

When ever you approach the Yu Yanji, you bring both yourself and the world around you. The Yu Yanji is simply the bridge between the two. The answers are already waiting for you somewhere on your journey through the Yu Yanji.
Clear your mind and ready yourself before any reading. How are you feeling? Emotional, Thoughtful, Physical, Spiritual? What is surrounding you in your outer life at the moment? Who are the key players on you current journey? How is the cosmic weather around you? Do you feel connected to your current events? in control or out of control?" See your self at the center of the Yanji Wheel. Which aspect will you use to portray your question?

Yu Yanji works on a different level It does not tell your fortune, it maps the elements surrounding your question and throws them back to you. It suggests intuitive impressions surrounding your world and waits for you to find it's meaning in your life.


1. Hold a question clearly inside you. Clear your mind of all abstractions. Main Wheel Here

2. Select an aspect to represent your current state on the wheel

3. When the personal Yu Yanji wheel appears explore the issues around your current reading by clicking on each aspect.

When you enter into your personal Yanji wheel from the main page, you also pass the door into your own thoughts. Explore the issues at your leisure. It is important not to rush through the aspects. There is no fixed order to read them in. Let the issues inside you be your guide.

Be aware of any thoughts, feelings or insights that occur during this time. They are most likely connected to your problems, follow some and leave others to see if they return again on their own. This way you will know if they hold a message for you.

The text contained in each aspect is to be read slowly. Only one or two statements in each one will hold a key to your inquiry. Examine how each short sentance makes you feel. Do you feel happy, sad, touched, light, heavy, or even a little annoyed or ill? This is Yu Yanji working on your inner sight... trying to break the shell between you and what you know. Does the feeling remind you of anything you are feeling in your life right now?

Use your reading as a journey through yourself. Stay awhile and watch Yu Yanji watching you. Let Yu Yanji paint a picture of the world inside and around you, seen through the eyes of spirit and its connection to your world. Do you know, just because this Yu Yanji is being expressed on a computer doesn't mean that your energy and insight can't be stimulated by the forces of spirit and nature. Every thing we know and experience is a blend of spirit and nature. Even this computer. What seems complicated on the surface can often be quite simple when viewed from a different light.

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